The Aire at Gargrave

Just 6 miles south of Malham Tarn the River Aire changes direction and starts to work its way Eastwards towards Leeds, Goole and Hull.  As it does it starts Airedale proper and is a relatively small meandering river at this point.

An idillic scene of the river as it meanders with a wood behind it and glorious blue skies

I came about this spot on a boating holiday where the Leeds & Liverpool canal has a small aqueduct across the river, just after it passes beneath the former Midland Mainline.  If you’re in the area and fancy a wander, a footpath makes its way across the field from the nearby road south of Bank Newton and passes up a hill to Coniston Cold.  One imagines that this route is often overlooked as there are more popular walks in the area (such as the Pennine Way).

A field with the river flowing through the middle of it with a wood in the background